Saturday, May 7, 2011

Card Making

Okay, So I know Mother's Day isn't until tomorrow, but I just finished making my mom's card, and I'm so happy with it! =D

Usually I don't do too too much for Mother's Day cards. =) I like making them, but they're usually simple. =) I mean, I guess this one is pretty simple too... I'm kinda new to card making... But this is good compared to what I usually do. =) This year I cared a lot more about the card than usual because when I asked my mom what she wanted this year for mother's day she said "Nothing! Don't spend your money. =) I just want a handmade card. That's all." Now, I completely ignored the "don't spend money" part but I figured I should still make her a nice card. =)

Again, it's not super pro or anything, but I think she'll like it. =) I'm looking forward to spending a nice day with my whole family tomorrow. =) We're gonna have a huge family BBQ. =) It's going to be fun. =)

Other than Mother's Day coming up I've been really focused on Wedding Planning lately, and pretty much just been trying to get stuff done for that when I'm not working. =) I'm hoping to be able to start writing more consistently once I'm more caught up with the planning though. =) That would be nice. =)

Have a Great Mother's Day Everyone!


Fiore Jewelry said...

What a beautiful card! and she really did like it :) it's worth it because you know she'll keep it :)

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