Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st

There's something really reassuring about the first of May. I mean, in April, you're pretty sure that warm weather is on the way. The snow is gone and people are considering what kinds of flowers to fill there gardens in, and even lazy people like me have finally decided to take their poor dog for a run finally. Putting away all the winter gear and digging out your summer clothes is the best feeling! So then I wake up this morning to this out my bedroom window

Which is really disappointing. =P I mean, I'm getting all excited for things like camping and bonfires, and I wake up to what looks like Christmas morning. =P So I decided instead of taking my dog for a very slippery and likely painful run, I just played with her in the back yard.

She was NOT very excited about the snow at first. =P She had gotten pretty used to all the pretty grass outside, and getting to lay in the sun. Being back to the wet and the cold was not the way she planned to wake up this morning. =P But, in the end, she really can't help herself. =P She loves playing in every environment, and it really cheered me up to see her running around and having fun. =)

Other than trying to get used to having snow again (I gotta say, I'm not exactly crying that it'll be gone in a few days. =P) I have been finalizing the look of my wedding invitations and picking out what I want the cake to look like, which has been super exciting! =D I can't believe the wedding is coming up so fast!


Fiore Jewelry said...

aww such cute pictures. Sorry about the snow, I can't wait until it's gone!

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