Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY Home Decorating

So lately I've been kinda thinking about different DIY decorating ideas and such for when I move into my new apartment. =) There's so much stuff on the internet for it, that it's insane! I've been getting so many ideas that I really want to try out. =) Anyway, I was looking on Urban Outfitters' website (which is not DIY I realize, but still relevant!) and I found the cutest thing ever! In my opinion. =P

It's a garland for your wall, made out of tiny bottles that you can use as vases! I dunno... maybe not everyone will be as excited about this as me... but I think it's amazing. >< I think I'll probably try to make it though, seeing as I don't think it would be super difficult, and I already have a BUNCH of wire in my house, and I don't think tiny bottles will be too hard to find. =) I just think it's a really cute way to cheer up a room. =) Also, I realized that it would also make a really amazing inspiration wire. =) This could be something to hang above your desk or work space so that once you get an idea or a piece of inspiration for a project you're working on, you can grab some super cute clothes pins and hang your picture or note between the little flower jars! I really am so excited about this. >< I can't wait to try to make it!


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