Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coffee Cake and Carpal Tunnel

Hey Everyone!

I think sleeping in is one of those bitter sweet things... I always sleep in on Tuesdays because I don't work and I don't have school, so it makes sense to get sleep where you can get it I guess... but it still kinda sucks loosing out on your day off.

Either way, it was still a good day. I was really really excited to try a new tea I bought from David's Tea called "Pink Flamingo" which is one I've been really really excited about. I love pink grapefruit juice, and all the citrus fruits used in this tea really smelled like Pink Grapefruit juice. When I got to try the tea I was also excited because it turned a bright pink color, which was super cool. The flavor of the tea was pretty good. I tried it both hot and iced and it was good, but didn't have as strong of a flavor as I thought it would have, and didn't taste very much like Grapefruit after all. Either way, it was a pretty good tea. I'm not sure if I'll buy more, but I'll certainly use what I bought.

Other than that, my Fiance and I decided to celebrate "Mardi Gras" or "Fat Tuesday" with an amazing coffee cake that we picked up while getting some groceries which I had with some green tea, and it made for a pretty awesome night. And now, no more cheating on my diet 'till Easter! =P

Lastly, I don't actually know a lot about carpal tunnel, or how to get it, or really anything like that... but I'm pretty sure that I'm a hypochondriac because the minute someone describes an illness or just anything, I'm positive that I have it. (Watching Grey's Anatomy is an emotional adventure =P) Anyways, I've been knitting more than usual lately (somehow) and my hand started aching to the point that I had to stop knitting, but didn't think too much of it. Well I did this for three days in a row and my Fiance said that I might be developing carpal tunnel... which frightens me. >< Could I really be developing carpal tunnel at 21 years old?! If anyone knows anything about this please comment below... and if anyone maybe knows how to prevent it, that would be amazing!


Fiore Jewelry said...

I don't know much about carpal tunnel, but I hope you don't get it! my only suggestion is to take breaks from knitting every couple of hours and make sure you're doing lots of different motions with your hands and wrists throughout the day to compensate for the repetition. That's my best guess. The coffee cake sounds amazing - I think I'll do that too - not cheating on my diet until Easter. It sounds like a good excuse to force myself to eat well :)

DianaAnn89 said...

Thanks! =D That's a good idea. It's probably hard on my hands to keep doing that very repetitive motion. >< I'm also trying to keep my hands more relaxed, and not tense up my shoulders and everything. =) Hopefully with that, and taking breaks, I'll be okay. =)

Jessilumpkins~ said...

You could try getting some wrist supports as well. It may help take the strain off your tendons. It doesn't really sound like carpal tunnel, maybe more like tendonitis. Check these out:

From what you've said, it sounds like the same kind of pain I get in my knees and legs from my tendonitis.

DianaAnn89 said...

Hm... the wrist supports sound good. =) That could be. Maybe I should go get my wrists checked out. =)

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