Monday, March 7, 2011

Loose Tea

Hey Everyone! =D

So today was actually a pretty good day for me. I made it to class on time (despite the fact that I slept in) and it actually wasn't that boring! Which is always a bonus.

After class I went to the mall with my sister, which is always fun, and I picked up some new loose teas!

Lately I've really been having fun trying all kinds of new loose teas from this store called "David's Tea" (which I think is only in Canada... but if you order online they ship to the United States also) Anyway, they have like, I think they said over 100 different kinds of teas which is very cool, and they not only try to make different flavors that taste good, but they stick to really pure and traditional styles of making tea, which is awesome, and they really let you know all of the health benefits of all the different kinds of teas.

I really wanted to start getting into different kinds of teas mostly because I've been trying to snack less and had a hard time keeping away from the sweets, but I noticed that after having a tea I was super full, and didn't want any snacks! Unfortunately, I only had Tetley Orange Pekoe... and then I got bored of that... And then I discovered David's Tea! So now I'll pretty much never get sick of tea. =P I may never even be able to try them all. =P

This is the first tea I bought from David's Tea. It's called Long Life Tea and it's really light and peachy. I have so many more still to try! I'm sure I'll be talking about a lot more soon. =)


Jessilumpkins~ said...

Do they have chai teas? =D *stoked for this new tea discovery*

DianaAnn89 said...

They sure do! >< They have a couple different kinds of chai teas. =) And if you tell them even just kind of what you like about a tea? They'll show you like ten more to try based on that. =P

Fiore Jewelry said...

Jessilumpkins - I bought their chai tea! They have one called "Pure Chai" or something and it's really delicious, and then I bought one the other day that's called coco chai rooibos or something and it's also really good. we'll have a tea party and you can try them. It'll be lovely. We did a "chai tea off" too because I had a couple different brands of chai tea, and we were comparing them. I blogged about it :)

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