Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Day for the Guages.

Hey Everyone! Okay, so the other day I was searching the internet for all kinds of new knitting patterns to try and I came across this really really nice cabled sweater pattern that I wanted to try. For a little while now I've really wanted to try making some kind of a sweater, probably mostly because, for all the things I've ever made I've never knitted a sweater.

Now, I tend to usually be the person to collect patterns, look at them meaningfully, consider how much of what kinds of yarn I'd need to buy, MAYBE start... and then get interested with something new and start all over again.

This is an unfortunate cycle that I've been trying to get out of for a while now, but I really think I can do it with this sweater. I went out, got the materials I needed, and set to work immediately.

Now, as I've never knitted a sweater (or any other piece of clothing for that matter) I really didn't know where to start, but I know you always see "save time: check your gauge" or some other cryptic, semi-threatening message, so I figured I should start there. (I never really worried about it too much with the scarves, and stuffed toys that I usually made previously). This took SO much work than I had first anticipated. I grabbed the pair of needles it suggested, and set to work with the number of stitches and rows, and hoped for a 4" square. =) ... This did not happen. I ended up trying three different sizes of needles (I even tried one size twice with different tensions) and I never got it quite right. =P Not honestly sure what to do.... I think maybe I'll just kinda go with the closest one? We'll see how this goes. =P


Fiore Jewelry said...

I'm so sorry that your gauges didn't work out, but I'm sure they will eventually, and it'll be a lovely sweater!

DianaAnn89 said...

Thanks! =D I worry somewhat that I've taken on too big of a project for my attention span. =P But I really think I can do it! =D

Jessilumpkins~ said...

Diana! I believe in you! You can do iiiiiit!!! :D

P.S I love you!

DianaAnn89 said...

Thanks! =D I'll do my best! =D Now I just wanna finish it to see if it works out. =P

I love you too! =D said...

did you block your swatch before you checked your gauge? That may help.

DianaAnn89 said...

Oh my goodness... No. I didn't block them. >< With all my experience in making little scarves and toys, I don't do a lot of blocking either. >< Thanks! I'm going to do that right now. ><

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