Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sonic's Birthday!

Hey Everyone!

So, This is actually going up a little late (I just finished my last two exams, so now I finally have time to blog!) but I wanted to show you what I made up for my sister's hedgehog's birthday. =D His birthday was actually on the 10th, but I gave him his present on time, so at least for that. =) Anyway, Sonic is pretty much the cutest, sweetest hedgehog in all the world. He's super loving, and he gets all excited when you come in the room, and he's just perfect!

It's funny. When my sister got Sonic four years ago (I can't believe he's four!) the breeder actually warned her to maybe pick out a different hedgehog, as this one was kinda moody. =P And I mean, everything you read online, in books, and just anywhere will tell you that Hedgehogs don't really like... anyone. So getting one that's a little extra mean? Probably not your best bet. =P But! This was the one she wanted, and she was not going to leave him there, so she took him home with her. =) Now... the breeder wasn't wrong. =P He was pretty mean. He was in a ball hissing and popping for like... 6 months. It was a LONG time before she could hold him without pulling her sweater sleeves over her hands. =P But she really put in the time and love, and now he can't get enough of her! =D He really is the perfect pet. =)

Anyway, Sonic likes to have a blanket/ t-shirt/ something in his cage to hide under while he sleeps just to be extra warm and comfy. ^-^ Anyway, I was trying to think of something I could make for his him for his birthday and I decided I would make him a blanket that he could cuddle in. =) I got the idea because I was knitting the back to my sweater, and I looked, and he had cuddled up in it, as he was sitting next to me on the couch. =P

Here's a Picture of the Blanket! =D

I Just used two colors at once to make it extra comfy, did an inch of ribbing at the bottom, like 8 inches of moss stitch, and then another inch of ribbing. =) It was super quick to knit up and I'm pretty happy with it. =)

And Here's a picture of Sonic Sleeping. =) So Cute! =D

Thanks for Reading!


Fiore Jewelry said...

Yay sonic!! ^-^ I know he's going to love that blanket so much. I can't wait to give it to him! So much nicer than just having old tee shirts to sleep under. He really is the best little guy, and that's definitely the best birthday present he's ever gotten ^-^

DianaAnn89 said...

Hooray! =D I'm so glad to hear it! ^-^ I really do hope he likes it. =) He's just so sweet! Sonic really is the best. ^-^ I really hope he likes it. ^-^

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